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Product Description

10BY25-013 Lead Screw Stepper Motor

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Product Description

Maintex specializes in offering 2-phase,  4-phase micro stepper motors, covering a wide range of applications with a frame size of BY 10 to 42. Made of high quality cold roll sheet copper and anti-high temperature permanent magnet, all of Maintex's stepper motors are a complete design of high reliability, high accuracy, and featuring low noise, low vibration, low motor heating and smooth run.


Model Items SPEC
10BY25-019  Driving Voltage 5±10%VDC
Phase 2
Exciting Method 2月2日
Exciting Mode Bipolar
Step Angle 18±7%°
Rotor Inertia 0.06gcm²
Rotation CW/CCW
Resistance 20±7%Ω(25°C)
Inductance 3.5±20%mH
Max.pull-in Frequency 1000Hz
Max.pull-out Frequency 1200Hz
Holding Torque 20gf.cm(5VDC)
Detent Torque 10gf.cm
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ 500VDC
Noise ≤40dB

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stepper motor, screw stepper motor, lead screw stepper motor

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