2 Phase DC Stepper Motor| Micro Stepper Motor

Product Description

2 Phase DC Stepper Motor | Micro Stepper Motor is a type of Micro Stepper Motor and also belongs to Stepper Motor.
Microstepping is a method of controlling stepper motors, typically used to achieve higher resolution or smoother motion at low speeds.
Micro Stepper Motor divides each full step into smaller steps to help smooth out the motor’s rotation, especially at slow speeds. 
Microstepping is achieved by using pulse-width modulated (PWM) voltage to control current to the motor windings. The driver sends two voltage sine waves, 90 degrees out of phase, to the motor windings. While current increases in one winding, it decreases in the other winding. This gradual transfer of current results in smoother motion and more consistent torque production than full- or half-step control.


Voltage: 5.0±10%

Reduction Ration: 1/64


Step angle:5.625 degree

Pull in Torque:.>/=80 mN.m

Detent Torque::.>/=80 mN.m

Pull Out Frequency: 1000HZ

Pull in Frequency:500HZ

Items Spec.
Resistance per phase 21Ω±10%/phase
Response frequency ≥1000HZ
Starting frequency  ≥500HZ
Detent torque ≥90mN.m
Pull in torque ≥90mN.m
Voltage 5-5.5v
Step angle 5.625 degree
Reduction ratio 1/64
OEM Accept

Drawing of 2 Phase DC Stepper Motor Micro Stepper Motor

2 Phase DC Stepper Motor | Micro Stepper Motor

 Typical Application:

2 Phase DC Stepper Motor | Micro Stepper Motor

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